Fraud Cases Up During COVID Era

Posted by Megan Kerrigan. Today, the world is unpredictable and changing rapidly. We see a new president, a worldwide pandemic, a lack of jobs for Americans, and the changing of our everyday lives. With COVID-19, we see the world dealing with large business and financial disruption. Since the shutdown the government started pumping large sums […]

The Field of Forensic Accounting Will Continue to Grow

Posted by Lynne Thach. Forensic accountants play a very important role in court. They provide litigation advisory services, investigative services, and essential support for lawyers and attorneys in many situations in court. The most important role is that forensic accountants are used as financial expert witnesses because of their technique, investigation, knowledge, and practice skills […]

The Forensic Accounting Profession Amid COVID

Posted by Jake Martin. The year of 2020 is certainly not a typical year considering all the events that took place. One major topic that has the whole world worrying is COVID-19 which is considered a pandemic. Billions of people around the world have been negatively affected by this virus and unfortunately many have lost […]

College Admission Scandals and Forensic Accounting

Posted by Jenny P. Velarde. Financial crimes come in different colors. Most of us think of the words fraud and embezzlement when we think of these acts. Luckily, forensic accounting was created to conduct examinations utilizing accounting, auditing, and other analytical skills. This form of accounting is most suitable when investigating financial crimes. Forensic accountants […]

Current Administration “tackling Chinese companies that mean to do America harm”

Posted by Elias Aguiar. Since the very announcement of President Trump’s running for office until now, his motto has been to ‘make America great again.’ One of the ways he planned on doing this was to be tougher on China, as he felt that the United States could no longer turn a blind eye to […]

The Disappearance of Toilet Paper and Cleaning Supplies

Posted by Jessi-Marie Agosto. Due to the re-emergence of shutdowns and curfews, as a result of spikes in COVID-19 cases, toilet paper and cleaning supply aisles are emptying once again. Already, “22 states have imposed restrictions aimed at decreasing the spread of the virus” and therefore, purchase limits are once again emerging at supermarkets and […]

Does Facebook Have Any Principles?

Posted by Joseph Ng. Within the article “Facebook moderators say company has risked their lives by forcing them back to the office” they mention several factors regarding business law. The main points of this article is that Facebook is forcing its employers to work during the pandemic in office spaces that are not safe due to COVID-19. […]

Google’s Monopoly of Ads Needs to Stop

Posted by Matthew DeFalco. In the Fox News article, “Google ad costs, not its alleged monopoly, irks businesses”, we learn that the United States Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against technology giant Google. The company is being sued for “anticompetitive behavior” when it comes to advertising and online searching. Unfortunately, this is actively taking […]

California Governor Attends Party Amid New Thanksgiving Restrictive Order

Posted by Nicole Gizzi. California Governor Gavin Newsom rolled out restrictions to residents regarding the thanksgiving holiday. Initially, he and the California Department of Health defined that gatherings such as “social situations that bring together people from different households at the same time in a single space or place” would be banned. Also, he required […]