Florida Sues Biden Administration Over Vaccine Mandates

Posted by John Schwimmer.

Republican Govern Ron DeSantis vows to sue the Biden Administration over mask and vaccine mandates. DeSantis claims that the president does not have the power to issue any rule that violates the procurement law. DeSantis has fought the mask and vaccination mandates since the beginning of Covid-19. He said that he is going to call lawmakers together to make laws to stop private business in Florida enforcing mask and vaccine mandates. He even filed the case in Tampa Florida and has Biden, as well as other white house officials as defendants. 

The federal mask mandate for federal contractors is to go into effect on December 7. It has also been announced that all private business will mandate the vaccine or weekly testing. The Biden Administration hopes the mandates will work to put an end to the almost 800,000 American deaths. Republicans have argued these mandates nationwide. The Republican state attorneys general sent a letter to the Biden Administration saying the mandate is unjust and is on “shaky legal ground”. The Republican party seems to support DeSantis’s claims and pursuit in the court system. 

The question then is if DeSantis has legal ground to stand on. He claims that Biden does not have the power to make a mandate like this. The Republican State Attorneys General office claims that there is no statue that allows the president to make a mandate like this on both public and private business. DeSantis has made moves for legal action against the whole administration and other officials. In my own opinion I do not think that this case will stand, I do not believe that DeSantis has legal ground. I believe it is within a Presidents power to make a mandate that is federal wide.

John is an accounting major at Seton Hall University, Stillman School of Business, Class of 2024.