Alex Murdaugh Case

Posted by Luigi Del Mauro

Richard Alexander Murdaugh was a prominent lawyer in South Carolina in a family law office. He was married to his wife Maggie and shared two sons Buster and Paul. His family served 87 years in elected positions in South Carolina.

On June 7 2021, Alex Murdaugh was charged with the deaths of his wife Maggie and his son Paul. At 10:07 PM, Alex Murdaugh calls 911 and says he has found the lifeless bodies of his wife Maggie and his son Paul. Afterwards, it was also determined that Murdaugh hired a man to kill him in assisted suicide so that Murdaugh’s son Buster could collect a 10-million-dollar life insurance. Murdaugh has over 100 different counts against him that he can be charged with.

On January 23, 2023 Alex Murdaugh trial on homicide charges began with jury selection. Alex Murdaugh, a seasoned lawyer, takes on his defense with his team of lawyers. The prosecution submitted evidence at trial proving Alex Murdaugh was present when his wife and son were shot just before they were killed. Murdaugh’s defense strategy was admitting to having a severe opioid addiction and was spending over 50k a week on drugs which could have been a motive for the murders for drug money. On March 2, 2023 Alex Murdaugh was found guilty of double homicide by a jury of his peers and was sentenced to two maximum life sentences. The jury consisting of eight women and four men found Alex Murdaugh guilty after deliberating for only three hours.

Alex Murdaugh to this day still denies the charges of the murders of Maggie and Paul and is appealing his conviction.

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