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McDonald’s’ Lawsuit

Posted by Nick Farkas.

A McDonald’s’ franchise in California has repeatedly gotten into legal trouble throughout the past few years because they were not paying and recording the overtime of their employees correctly. The Smith family owns the franchise and have around 800 employees working for them. They initially settled the claims for $700,000 but did not learn from their mistakes.

McDonald’s is not entirely liable because it is a specific franchise involved; however, they are going to pay the $1.75 million in damages and $2 million in legal fees to protect the brand. McDonald’s has also agreed to train the Smith family on the use of corporate software designed to ensure compliance with California’s distinctively strict employment laws.

This is not the end of McDonald’s’ lawsuits and it is certainly not the beginning. Earlier this month, a union-backed group filed sexual harassment complaints on behalf of workers. McDonald’s has to decide which cases are worth fighting, and which cases they should automatically plead guilty. These decisions are based on risk and image.

Nick is an accounting major at the Feliciano School of Business, Montclair State University.