Impact on Inflation in the Economy, Drastic Changes in Americal Culture

Posted by Paola Castro.

Inflation has drastically hit the American economy, even many of its customs are being changed, such as the celebration of Thanksgiving. Before, the celebration of Thanksgiving was a sacred day, a day to share with the family and have time with loved ones, even, as I understand it, it was a day that nobody worked or studied, but due to inflation, the high costs It is no longer a priority.
The situation has changed so much that instead of a dinner with turkey, pumpkin, expensive wines, puree and others, the idea of ordering pizza has come to be contemplated and all this due at the high cost of food, for example in this article it shows Since eggs have risen in price by 30.5%, coffee by 15.7%, and cereal by 16.2%, these are basic foods, not to mention how the prices of really expensive foods have risen.
In my opinion this was my favorite topic, because it is something that really affects us all today, not only the price of food has increased but also gas, clothes, everything is at high prices, etc., this aside no It only causes families to cancel their traditions, but due to the high prices, people are choosing to work those holidays to earn a little more or even have several jobs.

Paola is a business student at the Stillman School of Business, Seton Hall University.