If I Had Spoken Up, It Would Have Been a Suicide Mission for Me and My Career: The Choices Women Make

Posted by Eden Dolezal

Megan Kelly was working for Fox news and I always watched her for so many years, I always thought her voice was always heard and pepole really understood what she had to say and what the points that needed to come across, it really happened. The article talks about how when Kelly was at Fox news she felt like she was being sextual harressed and people always told her to do that, but at the same time she believed it wasn’t right and ethical. Working in a workforce with males such as bosses, it is clear that saving her career would be very hard and that people would not believe her.

As stated in the article, it saids, she had more than many women in her might have done, but going to Ailes head to the owner or going to the general counsel would be a “suicide mission.” What this means is that she did not feel comfortable going over someones head and taking it a step farther because of what could happen if at any moment she did that. Another thing that would have happen is that people felt like she wouldnt be trusted and everyone really could feel like it wouldnt be worth it. Throughout her career it was really clear that she was very uncomfortable with her work force and that she didnt not like how she was being treated but the fact that she feels like she cant come forward because of what other things is really crazy.

“Why did she not speak out sooner?” people always ask, and when they ask that, it is really hard to say becausde everyone has a story, weather it comes out today or tomorrow, every vitcim needs to come out when their voice is ready to be heard and it is clear that everyone has a story, and for people to understand and accpet the story is a little different and Kelly should have the power to speak up when it is right and understand that whatever is going on in her situation that people are allowing herself and others to make sure that she is well aware that she is capable of doing whatever she puts her mind to.

Eden is a communications major at Seton Hall University, Class of 2022.



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