Honda Ridgeline Recall

Posted by Ethan Atiles.

This past week news had broken that Honda would be contacting 106,683 Ridgeline owners about an issue regarding their mid-size pickup truck’s fuel pump. It was made known that contact with various cleaning solutions or other acids could potentially cause a crack in the fuel pump feed port to crack, such crack could lead fuel leakage that lead to potential fire hazards. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had reported saying that dealers will replace the fuel pump and install fuel pump covers free of charge if needed.

The actions taken by both Honda and their respected dealers are very efficient and safe. Once the issue was made known precautionary actions were taken to not only save lives, but from the company’s standpoint, helping maintain their image. Injuries and even deaths that could have arisen as a result of malfunctions within the fuel pump would have been detrimental to Honda as a company.

The amount of lawsuits Honda could have potentially faced would have left a big mark on the company. Not only would they have had to have dealt with the medical bills of everyone affected, there would have also had to have been sorts of compensations in an attempt lighten the moods of their customers. Then even on top of that, whatever else individuals felt they were entitled to Honda would have most likely had to have been dealt in court.

Damages that could have possibly affected areas around the incident also would have deserved some services from Honda as well. Finally, Honda would have had to deal with lawful actions presented by those dealerships who sold the cars in the first place as they would feel not responsible and feel Honda should cover their clients.

Honda’s quick reaction to vocalize the issue most definitely prevented maybe various lawsuits that could have risen, thus saving large amounts of money, and overall, the company’s reputation and legitimacy to the public.

Ethan is a student at the Stillman School of Business, Seton Hall University.