Brothers Who Owned Defense Firm Get Prison in $6M Fraud Case

Posted by Abdullah Aljammaz.

Two brothers have formerly owned a Pennsylvania defense contractor in Pittsburgh was sentenced to  prison after their involvement in a $6 million fraud was revealed. These two brothers planned to overcharge the U.S. Defense Department for Humvee window kits.

The two brothers paid the $6 Million back to the U.S government and another $6 Million to settle a lawsuit that the American government filed against the Buckners. Not just that, the brothers paid around one million dollars in interest and income tax losses.

According to Judge Arthur Schwab, they have different sentences. The older brother Thomas Buckner received the more laborious penalty, because he was more active in everyday business and more active than the other brother John, especially in 2007 after Buckner retired from the company’s management. The brothers owned half the company where the crimes happened. At the current time, the company was sold in February to new investors who had nothing to do with Buckner’s fraud.

Thomas Buckner, 68 years old was sentenced to two years and a half prison and a fine that he has to pay of half a million ($500,000). The other brother, John Buckner, 66 years old was sentenced to two years in prison and fined $300,000.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Nelson Cohen and defense attorneys agreed that it is possible to sentence the brothers below the forty-one to fifty-one months in prison. That sentence will be given to them due to their cooperation, and charitable works and their record of civic. On the other hand, Schwab rejected arguments by Alexander Lindsay Jr. Thomas Buckner’s attorney, who wanted probation.

Based on the article above, here are some quotes from the original article:

“A non-prison sentence is a bridge far too far in considering the defendant’s conduct,” Schwab said. “You don’t want to stand in front of a judge with a pile of money in the bank and the victim not paid in full,” Cohen told the judge. “Paying back the money is just the cost of doing business.”

Abdullah is a graduate student at the Feliciano School of Business, Montclair State University.