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Blog Business Law is an educational resource for Business Law students on the university level. Its purpose is to present current issues in business law and provide commentary and opinion. Both graduate and undergraduate students of Seton Hall University, Stillman School of Business, and Montclair State University, Feliciano School of Business post on a wide variety of topics. Some of the areas covered are contracts, business torts, white collar crime, cybercrime, and First Amendment law.

Professor Victor Nicholas A. Metallo, MAE, MBA, MLIS, JD, LLM (canid.) teaches at Seton Hall University, Stillman School of Business, Department of Economics and Legal Studies, and Montclair State University, School of Business, Department of Accounting, Law and Taxation. He developed “Blog Business Law” to inspire students to be aware of the legal environment in business through researching current events and practice writing in a concise manner.

This blog/website is for educational purposes and general information only and not to provide specific legal advice. By using this blog site, you understand that there is no attorney client relationship between you and the blog/website publisher(s). The blog/website should not be used as a substitute for competent legal advice from a licensed professional attorney in your state. This site is not affiliated with Seton Hall University or Montclair State University.

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Tesla in Deep Trouble With The World’s Largest Retailer

Posted by Anirudh Ramesh. Companies need to provide high quality services. If companies provide defective or unsatisfactory services, they may be subject to legal action. Tesla is an automotive manufacturer. They specialize in building electrical cars and solar panels. Tesla had failed to provide reliable equipment to Walmart. Thus, the company opened itself to legal […]


DNA on Cigarette Butt Leads to Arrest for 25-Year Old Murder



More Legal Woes for the NE Patriots

Posted by Frank Volturo. Over the past two decades, the New England Patriots have been a force to be reckoned with in the NFL. They have won 6 Super Bowls since 2001, all with the same head coach and quarterback. However, as successful as they have been, they have had their fair share of scandals. […]


Honda Ridgeline Recall

Posted by Ethan Atiles. This past week news had broken that Honda would be contacting 106,683 Ridgeline owners about an issue regarding their mid-size pickup truck’s fuel pump. It was made known that contact with various cleaning solutions or other acids could potentially cause a crack in the fuel pump feed port to crack, such […]


Huawei and Corporate Espionage

Posted by William Steck. Huawei, a multi-national, Chinese-based telecom company has again found itself in the headlines for the wrong reason. This time the corporation is facing several new lawsuits accusing it of corporate espionage. For years, Huawei has been seen as an industry leader, recently producing some of the first 5G compatible phones, but […]


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